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Yacht & Ship Registration Services – Isle of Man

Our status as a Representative enables yacht and ship owners, managers and charterers to take advantage of the Isle of Man’s legislation and its favourable tax regime.

The Isle of Man has a long and distinguished maritime history and today is recognised as one of the most prestigious Flag states. Consequently, we primarily register yachts and ships under this jurisdiction. However, Registrations can also be made upon request in other reputable jurisdictions.

Some of the key benefits for registering in the Isle of Man include:

  • Favourable tax treatment
  • No annual tonnage tax
  • Beneficial VAT arrangements
  • Security of mortgages on the Island
  • A Barboad (Demise) Charter Register enabling vessels to be demise Chartered registered
  • The prestige of the British Red Ensign and the support of consular services
  • A quick and efficient registration process
  • Political Stability in the Isle of Man is maintained (1,000 years of continuous Parliament)
  • Flexibility in registered ownership requirements
  • A one-off low initial registration fee

Who to Contact

If you are interested in more information regarding the registration of your yacht in the Isle of Man, please contact Steve Friedman.

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