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Information contained in the Internet site does not constitute an offer of products or services in any jurisdiction in which such distribution is not authorized or which are not available for distribution in the jurisdiction of the reader of this information.

Australia-Offshore adheres to internationally accepted rules and regulations aimed at the prevention of weapons trafficking, drug smuggling, terrorist financing, money laundering. We will not knowingly aid in the facilitation of these or any other illegal activities. Indeed we are statutorily obligated to report suspicion of any such activities to the local authorities. While we respect and indeed closely guard the confidentiality of applicants and clients, we are obligated to gain a firm understanding of both the identity of our clients and the nature and ongoing operations of the business. This includes initial KYC (Know Your Customer) and ongoing due diligence procedures. All applicants and clients can rest assured that we will protect your privacy and confidentiality with vigor through appropriate operations procedures, use of secure technology and through all reasonable legal means at our disposal. Australia-Offshore reserves the right not to accept clients and to end any relationship at any time with or without cause.

No responsibility for loss occasioned directly or indirectly to any person acting or refraining from acting partially or wholly upon or as a result of this material in this publication or for any error in or omission from this publication can be accepted by the publisher, author, editor, contributor, consultant or any company referred to herein.

Nothing in this publication is intended nor should it be construed as sanctioning in any way, advocating or condoning directly or indirectly the commission of any unlawful act or the omission by any person or company in any jurisdiction or the improper use of offshore structures for any legal or fraudulent purpose.

The information contained within this website is for guidance only and should not be relied upon for legal or tax advice within your own country. Please consult with a local attorney or tax professional regarding your own personal circumstances. Clients are specifically advised and warned that they should seek appropriate and timely tax and legal advice (in their jurisdiction) from a qualified tax professional licensed to render such professional advice prior to purchasing any offshore company or other services.

Australian & US Residents

Let us first say that IT IS NOT ILLEGAL for an Australian or US Person to own an offshore structure and/or bank account. However, the Australian Governement and ATO & the US Government and Internal Revenue Service have stiff penalties for not reporting a “Controlled Foreign Corporations”, signatory status on a foreign bank account and beneficiary status of a foreign trust among other things. We are a globally focused company and it is both beyond the scope of our business and impossible for us to keep up with the tax and reporting laws and regulations of every country. For this reason, we stress even more to Australian & US Persons the importance of receiving advice from a qualified tax professional regarding your individual status prior to purchasing an offshore structure.

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